Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bird Eats Plastic For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner Fail

This what happens when birds find plastic on the beach and in the water.  In some cases, they eat so much plastic that it comprises 15% of their body weight.  The also will regurgitate it and feed it to their young.  The picture above shows the contents of one seabirds stomach.


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  3. PCB + Plastic + Ocean + Sunlight = Autism....

    There appears to be a catastrophe unfolding in our Oceans... with a soup of plastic and industrial toxins that are making there way up the entire food chain... leading to a 300% increase in autism and other neuro-developmental anomalies that are occurring across species... as well as cancers and impairments to the immune system, from the coral reef polyps on up to the great Orcas... and to us... sitting at the "apparent" top of the food chain...
    please see my blog on PCB's, ocean, plastic, autism, cancer

    Industrial giants have caused a sever harm to our environmental and campaigns need to reflect the reality of this unfolding crisis at Sea, while there is still a window of opportunity... to reduce the plastic and industrial chemicals still being dumped into the Ocean... and launch efforts to remove the plastic still floating on the Oceans surface...

    We passed the point of urgency when it became controversial if mothers can safely breast feed a newborn child... due to the risk of Autism from the industrial toxin PCB.... being passed to the innocent developing infants brain....